Welcome to energy.instrat.pl

energy.instrat.pl is the first data hub for Poland on power market, coal mining and climate, based – free to use under open access license (CC BY-SA 4.0). The platform is established and developed by the Warsaw-based think tank Instrat focusing on energy and environment, digital economy and sustainable finance.

Data sets accessible here stem from various sources (domestic or foreign providers). More on this in the Documentation panel. To apply the exact presentation style of the data set you want, use the buttons to the left of the chart. For instance, you can choose between different data providers for the same time series, aggregate data using time functions (by years, months or days) or filter through other parameters like technologies and fuels or specific power plants. Use the calendar to choose the time span for the data you want to have on your chart. Double-click the object in the legend below the chart to visualize only of the series accessible, e.g. one of the technologies.

Other projects and publication by Instrat you can find on our website www.instrat.pl. The idea to establish this project comes from around Autumn 2019, when we published an op-ed titled “The missing fuel of the Polish power sector” in WysokieNapiecie.pl, a leading energy media service.You might see some bugs or mistakes (which are not listed under the Documentation panel) or want to contribute to our platform with your resources or advice – that is why we would highly appreciate your feedback. Just write an email at energy@instrat.pl.