Update 1.6. – biggest upgrade yet

In November, we are presenting the biggest upgrade of energy.instrat.pl yet:

  • We added load profiles for different tariffs, based on IRiESD data from Enea. Very useful in modelling different types of energy consumers.
  • The platform now includes a comparison of price forecasts for CO2, coal, natural gas and electricity based on different sources. We will expand the sources and update them, also adding forecasts of the Polish energy mix.
  • We completely remodeled the “Weather” section, changing it to “RES”. Apart from wind and PV potentials in Europe and the Polish RES capacity map, you will find there charts comparing electricity generation from wind and PV with forecasts from the TSO’s daily coordination plans. We also added a chart of the combined RES generation profile – useful in assessing how much of the load is currently covered by Polish wind and solar farms.

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