Poland’s coal mining data landscape

Poland’s coal mining data landscape - methodology, data sources, updates

Update 1.14. – SRMC calculator

We've created an interactive SRMC calculator for Polish coal plants, allowing you to calculate the running costs of each unit with different CO2 price assumptions.

Update 1.13. – coal mine database

We've created the first open coal mine database in Poland! In the database, you will find the most important statistics on Polish hard coal and lignite mines, including extraction and employment. Find more details in our methodology note.
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Update 1.12. – bugfixes

We fixed the TGE and Quandl scrapers that stalled

Update 1.11. – new power plant map

We'vve rebuilt the power plant map and emissions page, adding data from the power plant database. We've also created a SRMC chart, showing the running costs of Polish power plants.

Update 1.10. – power plant database

We've published the first version of the power plant database! You will find crucial parameters of all Polish thermal power plants (efficiency, capacity, emissivity etc.) there, as well as basic data on CHP plants.

Update 1.9. – new PEP2040

After the recent, very intense couple of months, this time our update is slightly smaller: We've added the new PEP2040 to our forecasts! You will find installed capacity, generation and CO2 emission scenariosThe automatic data updates were fixed, after a change in PSE's systemsYou can now find sums on bar charts (very useful) Please support our work!

Update 1.8. – new offshore map

We've updated the Offshore map (multiple times) according to changes in project statuses, also including the area and GW potential of each project

Update 1.7. – offshore map and energy mix scenarios

With a slight christmas delay we are publishing new features on energy.instrat.pl: Aligning with the now discussed legislation, we've added a Offshore Wind Map with the current status of the developed projectsAs promised, we've also added forecasts for installed capacity, generation i GHG emissions Please support our work!

Project developed by the Instrat Foundation, based on open-source software plotly/dash and Azure carbon neutral hosting service. Funded with the support of the European Climate Foundation, CAN Europe, Instrat's own funds, Microsoft for Nonprofits program.

License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) - unless stated otherwise.

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