June system failure in Bełchatów almost led to a blackout

Since October, on energy.instrat.pl, we present historic values of mean power loss for Polish power plants. They inform about the stability of the Polish electricity sector. One of the examples of when the threat to stability took place is in Bełchatów in June 2020.

For the majority of June 2020, mean daily power loss in Bełchatów oscillated around 1000 MW but on the 22nd June, due to the failure of coal conveyors, it peaked and reached the level of around 3000 MW. This has almost resulted in a blackout in the country. On that day, the energy demand in Poland was 21812 MW, whilst power availability was not much larger – only 23478 MW. Power reserve dropped to only 718 MW above the level required by OSP (see. power balance).