Data sources presents data from several Polish and foreign sources:

Industrial Development Agency - Katowice (ARP)

Data from the portal based on the public statistics research commenced by the Ministry of State Assets (previously Ministry of Energy) 1.44.16 Hard coal and lignite mining.



Datasets created the by the EC JRC containing capacity factors for wind and solar energy and visualized on our RES potential maps (Weather section). The datasets can be found here, the documentation here.


Demand profiles for different tariffs from the Polish DSO Enea

Energy Market Agency (ARE)

Monthly bulletin “Informacja Statystyczna o Energii Elektrycznej” within the public statistics research commenced by the Ministry of State Assets (previously Ministry of Energy) – 1.44.02 Power market and CHP sector – under cooperation with the Energy Regulatory Office (URE).


Data from ENTSO-E Transparency platform.

Europe Beyond Coal (EBC)

Europe Beyond Coal Coal Exit Tracker – power plant catalog aggregating data from several European databases on GHG emissions: Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) Union Transaction Log (EUTL), European Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (E-PRTR) and EEA LCP Database (LCPD). The EBC database is available under the Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0.


Polish TSO (PSE)

Data from Polish TSO – PSE, section: Polish Power System Operation , podsekcja: Data -> Polish Power System Operation -> Power System Operation daily reports:

Renewables and weather data from portal:

  • Pfenninger, Stefan and Staffell, Iain (2016). Long-term patterns of European PV output using 30 years of validated hourly reanalysis and satellite data. Energy 114, pp. 1251-1265. doi: 10.1016/
  • Staffell, Iain and Pfenninger, Stefan (2016). Using Bias-Corrected Reanalysis to Simulate Current and Future Wind Power Output. Energy 114, pp. 1224-1239. doi: 10.1016/

Polish Power Exchange (TGE)

Energy prices data from TGE portal.


CO2 emission prices – ECX EUA Futures, Continuous Contract.


The calculation of SRMC for each coal unit was described in several of our reports, e.g. “Achieving the goal“. The SRMC includes the CO2 emissions cost, coal cost, transport cost and other variable costs. CO2 costs can be set using the dropdown on the right side of the page. Coal prices in PLN/GJ were taken from PEP2040 (the “High CO2 prices scenario, 2020 value). In the future, we will update the coal prices using real-time data. Transport costs were calculated based on PKP CARGO tariffs for 2020, with a 50% discount for energy companies. The transport distance for hard coal was assumed to be the distance from the power plant to the closest hard coal mine, which is a simplification necessary due to the lack of detailed data. The other variable costs were taken from PEP2040. For each coal unit, the fuel type, fuel calorific value, net efficiency, emissivity, distance to fuel source were taken into account, using data from our coal plant database.

Energy Regulatory Office (URE)

Aggregated data on RES installations in Polish counties from the URE portal.

Data on oil and natural gas prices from

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