Update 1.8 – new PEP2040

After the recent, very intense couple of months, this time our update is slightly smaller: We've updated the Offshore map (multiple times) according to changes in project statuses, also including the area and GW potential of each projectWe've added the new PEP2040 to our forecasts! You will find installed capacity, generation and CO2 emission scenariosThe automatic data updates were fixed, after a change in PSE's systemsYou can now find sums on bar charts (very useful) Please support our work!

Update 1.7. – offshore map and energy mix scenarios

With a slight christmas delay we are publishing new features on energy.instrat.pl: Aligning with the now discussed legislation, we've added a Offshore Wind Map with the current status of the developed projectsAs promised, we've also added forecasts for installed capacity, generation i GHG emissions Please support our work!

Update 1.6. – biggest upgrade yet

In November, we are presenting the biggest upgrade of energy.instrat.pl yet: We added load profiles for different tariffs, based on IRiESD data from Enea. Very useful in modelling different types of energy consumers.The platform now includes a comparison of price forecasts for CO2, coal, natural gas and electricity based on different sources. We will expand the sources and update them, also adding forecasts of the Polish energy mix.We completely remodeled the "Weather" section, changing it to "RES". Apart from wind and PV potentials in Europe and the Polish RES capacity map, you will find there charts comparing electricity generation from...
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An important part o energy.instrat.pl is building a community of energy data geeks and supporting you with any data needs that you might have. Are you a member of our partner organization? Perhaps you want to create an infographic but can't find the data you need on energy.instrat.pl? We might be able to help - we are constantly adding new features on the platform, but we have datasets that are not yet publicly available. Our team can also support you with analysis services - forecasting, data visualization etc., we will try to do as much as we can free of...

Update 1.5. – power balance and mean power plants loss

In the October update, we added new features to the platform: Power balance in the country, including power availability, electricity demand, import of electricity, power reserve and required power reserveMean power plants loss for different technologies, power plants and other indices We also corrected some errors and improved the efficiency, in particluar in relation to the potential of RES (tab "Weather"). In the documentation we also share our future plans, including datasets that will be added to the platform in the coming months. Please support our work!
Mapa potencjału OZE - energy.instrat.pl

Update 1.4 – RES potential map

In the September update, we added new features to the platform: RES potential map for NUTS2 regions in Europe - the map shows capacity factors for wind and solar farms from the EMHIRES dataset created by the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC). For each NUTS region, you can see hourly generation profiles for an average fleet. These can be used in evaluating the RES potential, analyzing balancing schemes, in energy modelling.Natural gas and oil prices for different indicesSum of electricity imports/exports We also updated the axis labels to make them more consistent and fixed several bugs - you can see...
RES map - energy.instrat.pl

August platform update – v.1.3.

We've updated our platform with new features and datasets: a new renewables map with county data on RES installed capacity from UREPV generation data from ENTSO-etotal load aggregation (calculating averages e.g. monthly or yearly) We've also fixed several known issues, you can find the latest status in: Documentation - Planned features. In the documentation we also share our future plans, including datasets that will be added to the platform in the coming months. Please support our work!

Instrat’s open letter to open energy & coal data in Poland

Published on Instrat’s website and in WysokieNapiecie.pl Tuesday, June 23rd 2020 Addressees: Government of Poland: Ministry of Climate, Ministry of State Assets, Ministry of Development, Ministry of Digitization Statistics Poland, Energy Regulatory Office, Energy Market Agency, Industrial Development Agency Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. Polskie Towarzystwo Przesyłu i Rozdziału Energii Elektrycznej (PTPiREE), Polskie Towarzystwo Elektrociepłowni Zawodowych (PTEZ), Towarzystwo Gospodarcze "Polskie Elektrownie" (TGPE) Polish Power Transmission and Distribution Association (PTPiREE), Polish Association of Heat and Power Plants (PTEZ), Polish Power Plants Association (TGPE) Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IGSMiE-PAN), Polish Geological Institute National Research Institute (PIG-PIB), Central Mining Institute (GIG) Call for opening...

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We still don’t believe how we managed to create this platform within only several months. Imagine, what we can achieve working further at this pace… Our plans are ambitious, yet achievable. Thanks to your support we can add more data sets and functions to our portal (see panel Documentation), or introduce fast API, so that everyone could make use of our platform, including commercial investors. That’s why we use CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Right below you can find several ways to financially support our project (incl. PayPal). With your donation we aim to work on the platform development independently...

New source of data for installed capacity and generation – ARE

We added a new source of data for installed capacity and electricity generation of power plants - it comes from a monthly bulletin “Informacja Statystyczna o Energii Elektrycznej” by Agencja Rynku Energii (ARE, Energy Market Agency), which is ordered by the Ministry of State Assets (formerly Ministry of Energy). Though data on generation coming from the transmission system operator Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A. (PSE) or entsoe is accessible live, it is less accurate than ARE. In particular this problem concerns (smaller) PV installations. Soon, we will publish more on ARE and its really valuable resources, not accessible to the...

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